Nintendo 64

September 17, 2018

Golden-Eye, Pokemon, and Mario Kart are just a few of the games we talk about this week.   It gets silly, it gets dark, it gets good.


Pulp Fiction

September 10, 2018

Does the suit make the gimp or does the gimp make the suit?

Would you rather have Samuel Jackson yell bible verses at you or John Travolta tell you about Amsterdam?

Would you let someone else give your wife a foot massage?

All these questions and more are asked in our latest episode.  Listen up.


Curtains: Famously Dead.

August 20, 2018

No one is safe, not even the dearly departed in our most recent episode we debate the deaths of celebrities, royalty, artists and convicts.
Special guest Rick Jenkins brings some of his classic jokes from The Comedy Studio and talks about the future of the club.



August 13, 2018

This week comedians discuss important dating decisions like where to get coffee, what to do at the orgy, and how to handle it when your date is rude to the wait-staff.


World Records: Part 2

August 6, 2018

Which world record do you think you could beat?  Eating 6 hot dogs in 3 minutes or "longest Mario Kart marathon" 35 hours and 45 minutes?

Which would you rather have climbing on you the world's most dangerous ant or the world's oldest male stripper.

We'll answer all these questions and more on this week's episode.


World Records: Part 1

July 30, 2018

From the world's oldest person to the guy with the longest fingernails.  Everyone deserves to be laughed at and that's exactly what we do in this episode.  You can hear about the longest wedding dress, the largest toast, and the largest collection of snow globes.  All while these comedians try to best eachother in the debate.


90’s Music

July 23, 2018

From Right Said Fred to EMINEM the 90's was a wild ride.  Sit back relax and enjoy a little trip down memory lane while these comics debate all the most important questions about 90's music.


Science Fiction

July 16, 2018

The Matrix, Robots, Gattaca, and Armegeddon all get some much needed debate during the most recent episode which focuses on Science Fiction.


Zombie Apocalypse

July 9, 2018

Where do you hide during the zombie apocalypse?  Cold climate or where it's warm?  Island or Mountain.

How do you get along with others?  We ask these comedians the tough questions in our most recent episode.



July 2, 2018

If you were a dinosaur during the Flintstones timeline, which job would be worse: The wooly mammoth that had to act as a shower or the bird that had to chisel all the photos from inside the camera?

Who would be the better wingman: Johnny Bravo or Tommy Pickles?

This week we ask the tough questions, and I'll tell you my favorite childhood cartoon.